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O Scale West presents a variety of clinics. The clinics are held in Hyat meeting rooms located away from the ballroom. Typically the room is arranged classroom style, and if needed can be arranged with tables and chairs if the clinic includes hands-on activity.

Clinics include a variety of subjects, from a narrow perspective on a modeling challenge that the presenter has surmounted, to prototype information, how-to topics, and prototype and model history. Clinics are normally scale independent, so there is somthing there for you regardless of your modeling scale. Most clinics are repeated in order to accommodate those interested two clinics that are first presented at the same time.


The clnics schedule is posted here as soon as it is finalized, about a month before the show so you can plan your activiites while at the show.

2017 Clinics Schedule

Until we can post a schedule to give you an idea of the kinds of clinics you can find at OSW, here are the clinics that were offered at the 2017 show; most were repeated to minimize schedule conflicts:

  1. Inspiration From the Protoype by Roger Nulton
  2. Technology and the Model Railroader by Jerry Porter
  3. Using 3-D Printing to Produce Brass Castings by Bill Brisko
  4. SP Power House Kit - Make it and Take it by Michael Eldridge
  5. Using Sketchup and 3D Printing by Jack Burgess.
  6. Steam Locomotive Parts, Appliances, and Fittings by Frank Peacock

If you would like to see any of the above clinics (except Burgess) repeated let us know.

To learn more about 2-rail O scale visit the O Scale Kings website.

Want to learn more about S scale? Visit the S SIG website.