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To contact O Scale West you must contact Rod Miller. His diatribe below about junk e-mail and faxes is followed by his contact information.

I am sick and tired of the huge number of junk e-mail and junk faxes I receive.

It seems all the junk faxes have lots of bold print. Some of them come out of the fax with the paper wrinkled because it is so wet. That wetness comes from the ink cartridge that I have to buy at $25.00 each as a result of all the junk faxes.

There are data mining services that regularly go through web pages looking for e-mail addresses and fax numbers.

Hopefully to confuse those services I am providing the OSW e-mail address and fax number on this page in formats that hopefully the data mining programs will not be able to understand. Thus the number of junk e-mails and junk faxes should decrease.

Thank you for bearing with me. If you have difficulty interpreting the phone number and e-mail address as I have encoded them below, please let me know by voice phone.

The e-mail Address for Contacting O Scale West

The OSW e-mail address is formatted as follows:

To construct the OSW e-mail address, simply replace the word "domain" with "oscalewest" (without the quotes).

The OSW Mailing Address

This address available by e-mail request.

The OSW Voice Telephone Number

The area code is 650.

The prefix is 218.

The number is 5752. To construct the OSW telephone number just string those three numbers together.

The OSW Fax Machine Number

The OSW fax machine number is formatted, like all telephone numbers, as area_code-prefix-number. For example, in 650-555-1212, 650 is the area code, 555 is the prefix, and 1212 is the number.

The OSW fax number area code is 650.

The OSW fax number prefix is 329.

The OSW fax number number is 0423. To construct the OSW fax number just string those three numbers together.

A web site mistakenly lists a doctor's fax number as the above number. A result I received a huge number of medical-related junk faxes. Now I leave the fax machine turned off, so if you want to send a fax, call me first so the machine will be turned on for your fax.

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