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To contact O Scale West you must contact Rod Miller.

The e-mail Address for Contacting O Scale West

The OSW e-mail address is formatted as follows:

To construct the OSW e-mail address, simply replace the word "domain" with "oscalewest" (without the quotes).

The OSW Mailing Address

This address available by e-mail request.

The OSW Voice Telephone Number

The OSW fax machine number is formatted, like all telephone numbers, as area_code-prefix-number. For example, in 650-555-1212, 650 is the area code, 555 is the prefix, and 1212 is the number.

The OSW fax number area code is 650.

The area code is 650.

The prefix is 218.

The number is 5752. To construct the OSW telephone number just string those three numbers together.

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