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Some of you may not know that OSW sets its prices with the goal of low cost to the attendees while at the same time producing sufficient revenue to cover its costs of putting on the show.

There are two types of costs, the registration fee and the per table rental fee.

O Scale West uses a two tier fee structure for costs. The idea is to incentivize people to register early which allows the OSW staff more time to prepare for the convention. Costs increase by $5 per registration and $5 per table after Apri 25, 2018.

On-line registration via the eBay Buy It Now listings and paid through PayPal are $3 more because of the eBay and PayPal fees. The trade off is the convenience of on-line registration.

Registration Fee

The registration fee for the entire convention is $35, $40 after April 25, 2018. This fee is a family registration fee that provides admittance to all OSW functions for the modeler who registers, their significant other, and all children, related or not, under the age of 18. Activities included in the fee are entry to: the sales/exhibit hall, clinics, contests, movies, special events) for the entire time span of the convention. Note that admission to layout visits is normally not controlled so your registration fee is immaterial to that activity.

You do not have to pre-refister to attend.You can walk up to the registration desk during the show, fill out a registration form, and go in. The benefits of pre-registering are that you don't have much of a wait if any at the registration desk to get your entry badge, and your entry badge will be pre-printed with your name, registration number (used when needed to identify you), and your city and state. Pre-registration also assists OSW in determining the approximate attendence at the show.

Go here to pre-register.

Saturday Only Rate

Attendees can walk up on Saturday and register for $25. There is no pre-registration for this rate. The registration has the same benefits as the full convention registration of $35/$40.

Table Rental Fee

The cost per table is $45 each before April 25, 2018, $50 each after April 25, 2018.

The tables are 30" x 72". The tables are covered by the hotel with a white cloth that comes down to the floor in the front of the table. Most tables are arranged in groups of 10, where there is a row of 5 tables end to end and a parallel row of 5 tables end to end, separated by a aisle for the sellers. A limited number of tables are located around the perimiter of the room, with the seller's working space between the table and the wall.

O Scale West helps returning sellers from the previous year by putting them in the same location as the previous year if they request the same location. Sometimes the same location isn't possible if there are new neighbor requests or the number of tables rented is increased from the previous year's event. Same location requests must be received by April 25, 2018.

There is no limit to the number of tables that can be rented.

Special arrangements of tables may be possible but OSW requires a lot of notice that such an arrangement is requested. It is also possible to request your table(s) be located next to certain people (or, to not be next to certain people). Some times it is not possible to provide all special arrangements requested. Your best bet to get the arrangement you request is to register early and to include your request with your registration.

You must pre-register to rent tables. In the past some folks have been able to walk up and rent tables. If they were lucky and tables were available the attendee had to take what was available regarding location and neighbors.

Go here to pre-register and rent one or more tables.

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