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Recent Updates:
July, 2017: 2018 meet web pages created.
July, 2017: Online registration form is available for download.

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Quick Details for the 2018 Meet:

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The Next OSW (O SCALE WEST including S WEST) is May 24-26, 2018.
That's Memorial Day weekend, a great time to visit and enjoy the San Francisco area.
Click here for more info about this event.

The Hyatt Regency Santa Clara (San Francisco area).
Rooms are $139 + tax 1-4 occupancy.
The deadline to reserve a room at the $139 rate is May 10, 2107 but don't hesistate to try after that date, your best bet is
the Hyatt Website
page for OSW attendees to register for rooms at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara.
OSW/SW (OSW = O Scale West, SW = S West) will be in the well lit carpeted ballroom.
Tables, contest, company store, and visiting layouts will all be in the ballroom.
Clinics will be in other rooms on the same floor.
Click here for more info about the hotel.

The hotel tells us that no mega event, such as the event during the 2016 meet, is currently scheduled for next door,
and the liklihood of such an event being scheduled for our dates is extremely low because of long planning horizons.

Family registration for the entire meet is $35.
This includes you, your spouse/SO, and all children under 18, related or not.
30" x 72" tables are $45 each.
Note: prices increase by $5 per registration and $5 per table after April 25, 2018.
Un-registered attendees can walk up on Saturday and get in for $25.
Click here for more info.

Download the registration form
Print it and fill it out by hand,
(Please write legibly! - inability to read many registration forms take a
lot of valuable time to figure out what is there!) then mail it or bring it to the meet.
Click here for more info.

General information about OSW
Info about the upcoming OSW - When, How Much, Where, Hotel Info, How to Attend
Download the registration form
Learn about the S scale participation in O Scale West
Info About OSW and Previous OSW Meets
Download the meet daily schedule.
Download the clinics schedule.
Download the contest entry form
Layout Visits Schedule and Overview Map Downloads

Info about OSW on Facebook

OSW was planning to develop for sale a deluxe bound book that would contain maps to all the layouts that may be open for an OSW. Book purchasers would then use the layout visits list that is included in the registration packet to determine which layouts in the book would be open during that year's meet. However, some layout owners objected to being included in a book if they wouldn't be open in a particular year, meaning the book would change from year to year. The resulting administrative complications are more than the committee can absorb, so the book has been cancelled.

The registration form includes the capability to order the book. Those who use the form to order a book and pay for it with along with their registration fee will receive a refund of their payment at the meet when they pick up their registration packet.


OSW/SW is the largest O scale meet west of the Mississippi, the nations most fun O and S scale meet, and the only S scale meet west of the Mississippi. While the meet specializes in 2-rail O and S scale, all model train enthusiasts are welcome to attend and explore those scales.. For those unfamiliar with O and S scales, O scale is 1/48 size and runs on 2-rail track. S scale is 1/64 size, running on scale-proportioned track with scale size wheels and couplers. Contrast with HO scale which is 1/87 size and N scale which is 1/160 size.

O scale and S scale offer a more realistic feel as the trains roll along. Realistic detail is more visible and more easily done in O and S scale. For some the models will be easier to see and enjoy because of their larger size.

Compared to O gauge toy trains such as Lionel, 2-rail O scale trains are accurately proportioned, are finely detailed including wheels and couplers that are closer, and in some cases, exact miniature reproductions of the real thing. All that fine detail means they can be fragile and must be handled carefully, e.g., they are adult toys, not children's toys (although many adults enjoy Lionel trains). 2-rail O scale models run on accurate 2-rail track like the real thing, not the 3-rail track used by Lionel.

The comparison of S scale toy trains to S gauge (American Flyer) trains is about the same as the comparison of 2-rail O scale trains to Lionel described above, except that both S scale and S gauge trains run on 2-rail track. However, the rail size of S scale track and the typical S scale couplers are not oversize as with S gauge models.

At OSW you will find about 200 hotel-size tables containing O and S scale equipment (locomotives, cars, buildings, track) that is being sold by individuals and manufacturers, and in some cases, exhibited for the enjoyment of the attendees.

In addition to the manufacturer's displays and items for sale mentioned directly above, OSW also offers a slate of clinics, many very craft-oriented, some of which are repeated to give folks a chance to attend all clinics of interest.

OSW also includes free drive yourself tours of home and club layouts. The number of layouts varies from year to year, with 30 being a good estimate. Some layouts are S scale, and some are world-class HO scale layouts that are well known from articles about them in the model railroading press.


To view photos of the 2012 meet sales and display area CLICK HERE. These photos are typical of the OSW meets. The meet format changes very little from year to year, so the 2012 photos are also representative of the meets.

The photos are about 100K in size, so the page should load without too much delay if you have a fast connection to the Internet. If your connection is slow, you might want to go get a cup of coffee while the page is downloading.



The meet dates are May 24 - 26, 2018. The days for those dates are Thursday through Saturday. The exhibit/sales area is open Friday May 25 9AM - 5PM and Saturday May 26 9AM - 5PM. Thursday is when visiting layouts move in and set up, and when most of the exhibitors move in and set up. Individuals can also register or if pre-registered, pick up their registration packet, so they can get in the doors promptly at 9AM Friday. OSW also offers unusual, often rare footage railroad-oriented movies of interest Thursday night. Some home layouts are also open for visiting Thursday night.

The daily schedule for the 2018 OSW is available for downloading now. A couple of weeks before the meet OSW will post the clinics and layout visits schedules for the meet. The on-line layout visits schedule does not include address information which is contained in the registration packets provided at the meet. Links for those downloads are here.


All attendees must register and pay the registration fee of $35; this fee is a familiy registration fee and includes the modeler, their spouse/SO, and all children under 18, related or not. This fees increases to $40 after April 25.

The Saturday-only walk up rate (no pre-registration) is $25 and includes all the OSW activities.

30" x 72" tables are $45 each, $50 after April 25. The table fee does not include the registration fee, e.g., to register and rent one table before April 25, 2018 will cost $80.
This fees increases to $50 per table after April 25.

Hotel rooms at the host hotel are $139 plus tax per night, 1-4 occupancy. See below.

Renting a room at the Hyatt Regency is NOT required in order to attend OSW.


OSW 2018 will be held at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara in Santa Clara, CA (San Francisco Bay Area). The Hyatt is located at 5101 Great American Parkway in Santa Clara.


OSW has obtained a special room rate of $139 plus tax per night; the rate is fixed for any occupancy 1 up to 4 persons. This rate is available starting Wednesday May 24 through Sunday May 28. Rooms outside those dates will very likely cost more.

OSW will assist those who want to find a room mate, see below.

Reservations must be made by May 10. If the hotel has space it may honor the rate after that date.

To register for a hotel room on-line using the Hyatt's web site, click here. Note that the hotel encourages use of this link to register for rooms; we were told that link gives the best possibility for favorable room rates if you are staying in the hotel before and/or after the $139 per nite dates.

Since the economy in Silicon Valley is very hot, hotel rooms can be astonishingly expensive, so do what you can to reduce your lodging cost if you will have an extended stay in the area.

You also can register for lodging at the Hyatt by telephone or on-line. By telephone, call 800.421.1442, be sure to ask for the O Scale West rate.

Renting a room at the Hyatt Regency is NOT required in order to attend OSW.

Note: OSW contracts with the hotel for the facilities it uses. The contract amount is a sliding scale based upon the number of hotel rooms OSW attendees rent. The more rooms rented the lower the cost of the facilities to OSW and as a direct result, the lower the cost of admission and tables to the OSW attendees and vendors. If you stay in a hotel during your time at OSW, it helps keep the meet costs low if you stay at the Hyat Regency Santa Clara. to you.

If you are looking to share a room, O Scale West will help you make contact with someone else who also wishes to share. The two (or more) of you then work out the details on your own. All we ask is that you contact us after you have made arrangements to that we can remove your entry from the list below. Here is how it works. Contact O Scale West using the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page. Please provide your arrival and departure dates, how you want to be contacted, and anything else you consider important, such as your smoking preferences, etc. This web page will be updated to add an entry for you. Potential room-mates should contact OSW who will get them in contact with you. After you and your room mates have made arrangements, be sure to let us know so we can remove your entry below.

Here is an example of an attendee who would be looking for a room-mate.

  1. XYZ CA, Male non-smoker, arriving Thursday, leaving Monday, doesn't snore or walk in my sleep.

If you have any or issues with registering at the Hyatt please let Rod know right away so we can get them fixed. The Hyatt is very responsive to problems but can't fix what it doesn't know about.


To attend you must register (fill out a form and pay the registration fee) in order to get you a badge that gets you in the door. You can register before the meet (pre-register) by mailing a completed registration form with full payment to the address on the registration form. Alternatively, you can register at the meet. You don't have to pre-register to attend OSW. You can walk up during the meet and register. The advantage to pre-registration is that badges for you and your party will be pre-printed, and if you specify the O or S scale on your registration, you will be categorized appropriately enabling us to track registrants by scale if needed.

If you rent tables you must pre-register by completing registration form and mailing it to the address on the form. Be sure to indicate whether you need electrical or not; it is free. If you put information in the Commercial Name field on the form, that will be pre-printed on your badge. About a week before the meet you will receive a letter with rules and guidelines for table renters and a map showing the location of your table(s) in the ballroom. We are happy to honor special requests for location provided we receive them in time. Also note that most table renters from the 2017 meet have priority for the same location provided they register by April 25, 2018; however, because the far corner of the ballroom won't be available during set up on Thursday, we plan to exchange the contest area with that area, so the tables that were in that area will be next to the front door, and the contest area will be in the far corner of the ballroom.

Pre-registration including tables closes as of mail received on May 10, 2018. After May 10, 2018 we may be able to accommodate late registrations and table renters (if any tables are available). However, we are very busy as the meet approaches so getting your registration in by April 25, 2018 makes life easier for us.

Methods of Registering

Note that registration fees and table rental fees increase after April 25, 2018. You will save yourself some money by pre-registering before then.


Please CLICK HERE for additional information about the OSW meet activities, and for information on geting to the meet if you travel by air or by Amtrak.


Several years ago O Scale West repeated an experiment where the S Scale community was invited to participate in OSW (that first experiment didn't work well because the S activity was separated from the rest of the meet activity because of the facility design). The repeat experiment was a big success, and 13 years later we are all pleased to have S scale fully integrated into OSW. S and O models are placed side by side in the contest area, winner take all. Similiarly the clinics are scale indpendent.

The S scale activities are managed by the Bay Area S Scalers. They will have a new modular layout in operation at the 2018 meet.

To learn more about the S scalers and the activities they are sponsoring for the 2018 OSW, visit the Bay Area S Scalers Web Site


The following downloads are available:
  • Registration form
  • Contest entry forms
  • The meet Daily Schedule download is TBD.
  • The Clinics Schedule download is TBD.

    Links for the TBD downloads will be activated when each download becomes available. Note that a hard copy of the daily schedule and clinics schedule will available a the registration desk. Also note that the on-line information you download may have changed by the time of the meet; if changes have occurred and there is time before the meet, those changes will be announced on the on-line schedule. It is good idea to verify your plans against the hard copies available at the meet in case there wasn't time to announce changes here.


    It seems that quite a few collections are becoming available. Sadly, some are estates.

    Collections and estates can be of great interest because they may contain rare and unusual models. If we know in advance about collections or estates that wil be offered at OSW, we will place the information provided by the sellers about these sales in this section. OSW does not edit the information the sellers provide and is not responsible for claims or offers the seller might make in the information they provided to OSW.

    As we receive information about collections and estates that will be offered at OSW, we will update this section.

    Items from the following collections and estates will be offered for sale at the 2018 OSW: TBD.

    If you know of collections and estates that will be sold at the upcoming OSW, let Rod know. It is easy and quick to add information about that to this section.


    OSW has a group on Facebook. The name of the OSW facebook group is "oscalewest" (without the quotes). Requests to join are usually processed within 24 hours.

    Many folks use facebook either for personal reasons or to keep up with their children. Here are some of the reasons that OSW thinks this will be a valuable tool for the OSW attendee:

    As the members of the facebook group gain experience before and during the meet, OSW will add other newly realized benefits of the group to the above list.


    O Scale West does not publish on-line the street addresses and contact information for the layouts that are open for the meet. O Scale West does publish on-line the day, city, and time that layouts are open, which facilitates planning your visits.

    There are two ways to obtain the street addresses and contact information for the layouts:

    1. At the registration desk when you pick up your badge.
    2. You can send an LSSAE to OSW not later than May 1, 2018. You must be pre-registered. The list of open layouts will be mailed to you approximately two weeks before the meet.

    HERE IS THE OVERALL SCHEDULE for who is open and when, including layout descriptions.

    How to get to the layouts.

    There two ways to get to the layouts.

    1. Use paper maps that you can obtain at the meet at the map copy center. Use the overview maps (links below) and the schedule you received with your badge to help plan your visits. Use the schedule HERE for who is open and when, including layout descriptions, to plan your visit. The map copy center at the meet can print copies of the overview maps and individual layout maps.

    2. Use the layout visits schedule in your registration packet in conjuction with a road navigation GPS to easily get directly to layouts without hunting for street signs in the dark, easily get from one layout to the next, etc.

    Links to Overview Maps

    Below are links to several maps that show approximate locations of layouts in different parts of the Bay Area can be downloaded, viewed, and printed if you want. These overview maps can assist planning your visits routes.

    Note that not all layouts shown on the maps will be open in any given year, and that the maps may not be updated to show new layouts that have been added since the maps were created.

    Download the Overview map
    Download the North Bay Area overview map
    Download the Peninsula overview map
    Download the San Jose Area overview map
    Download the Santa Cruz Area overview map


    The overall schedule that that you may have viewed per the above is also included with the registration packet that you will receive at the meet. The schedule lists all the layout visits with address info for getting to the layouts, and some summary layout info. We included driving times from the hotel to the layouts which are estimates given the dynamic nature of traffic in the Bay Area.

    Helpful Tips

    If you rent a car, either get one with a GPS or bring your own GPS and be sure the rental has a working power receptacle for your GPS charger (non-smoking cars may have the cigarette lighter disabled).

    If you have a smartphone, Waze is a very good app for routing you to your destination with avoidance, if possible, of areas where traffic issues exist.

    On Site Map Copy Center

    For those of you who prefer to work with paper maps, we will have a master copy of each map and a copy machine so the maps you want can be copied to make up a custom map packet for you. Please no self service, ask for help, if someone walks off with the master copy for a map we won't be able to make copies for the next person. The copy machine will be located next to the Registration Desk on Thursday and next to the Company Store on Friday and Saturday. Your cost for the map copies is what you care to donate; please make your donation at the Country Store or at Registration Thursday. Thank you.


    In general the full map packets from previous years can be used since layouts (at least so far) haven't moved. Note that several layouts have been added since the on-line maps were prepared; a GPS is the only way you can get to those layouts. If you use the map packet from a previous year, be sure to compare the days and hours that layouts are shown to be open in that packet to the days and hours on the schedule received with your badge or on this web site (see the link above to the schedule). Several layouts have changed their days and hours this year.

    Call Rod, see Contact, if you have any questions.


    Interested in learning more about 2-rail O scale? Please visit the O Scale Kings web pages.

    These web pages were designed and implemented by Rod Miller.