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Click here to book a room at the Hyatt Regency

Why Stay at the Hyatt Regency?

Renting a room at the Hyatt Regency is NOT required in order to attend OSW.

So why stay there when a motel room a few miles away costs less?

Here's why: OSW's cost for the hotel facilities is derived from the number of hotel rooms that are rented by OSW attendees. A high rate of room rentals enables OSW to negotiate lower facility costs for the next year's convention. In other words, as the number of rooms rented by OSW attendees increases, OSW's facility cost for future conventions decreases; a sufficient decrease means a decrease in registration costs, so you benefit in the long run. So if you attend from out of town and need lodging, all future OSW attendees including you will benefit from your renting a room at the Hyatt Regency.

Other reasons to stay at the Hyatt Regency are conveniences. Take a break? - your room is nearby, no need to go to your car, drive to a motel, then return and find a parking place all over agan. You can easily return to your room to retrieve or stash goodies. Lots of folks conclude that the convenience of staying at the Hyatt Regency overcomes the slightly higher room cost.

For attendees OSW has obtained a special room rate of $139 plus tax per night; the rate is fixed for any occupancy 1 up to 4 persons. This rate is available starting Wednesday May 23 through Sunday May 27. Rooms outside those dates will very likely cost more.

OSW will assist those who want to find a room mate, see find a room mate .

Reserving Your Room at the Hyatt Regency

To book a hotel room on-line using the Hyatt's web site, click here or click on the Hyatt Logo in the right side bar (scroll down).

Reservations must be made by May 10. If the hotel has space it may honor the rate after that date.

Note that the hotel encourages use of the above link to register for rooms; we were told that link gives the best possibility for favorable room rates if you are staying in the hotel before and/or after the $139 per nite dates.

Since the economy in Silicon Valley is very hot, hotel rooms can be astonishingly expensive, so do what you can to reduce your lodging cost if you will have an extended stay in the area.

You also can register for lodging at the Hyatt by telephone - call 800.421.1442, be sure to ask for the O Scale West rate.

Note: OSW contracts with the hotel for the facilities it uses. The contract amount is a sliding scale based upon the number of hotel rooms OSW attendees rent. The more rooms rented the lower the cost of the facilities to OSW and as a direct result, the lower the cost of admission and tables to the OSW attendees and vendors. If you stay in a hotel during your time at OSW, it helps keep the show costs low if you stay at the Hyat Regency Santa Clara.

There is a dark side to hotel contract: if the number of room nights rented by attendees does not meet the number that OSW has "guaranteed" in the contract, OSW has to make up the difference. E.g. if the shortfall in room nights rented is 10 room nights at $145, OSW will be billed $1450 by the hotel.

Need A Room Mate?

If you are looking to share a room, O Scale West will help you. Check out the OSW roommate finder page

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