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The 2017 show car was the AtlasO 40 foot wood reefer lettered for PFE (double herald scheme) Ice Service.

The cars are available by order from O Scale West or at the next O Scale West show assuming the cars don't sell out before then. They are priced at $75 not including S&H; the SRP for other paint schemes in the same run is $89.95 (those cars are not available from O Scale West).


The S Scalers developed a nice SP prototype small powerhouse kit in both S and O scale. It is now is available here. Check with SandyPointModels regarding availability of the kits.

To Purchase

For the AtlasO PFE reefer, if you want to purchase one or more, please contact Errol Spangler at Oscalerr@yahoo. com or by post at 704 Lakebird Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089; you can also call him at 408.734.2832. Note: the S & H charge will vary with how many cars you purchase and how you want them shipped to you.

Unsold show cars from previous shows, if we have any, are available for purchase at subsequent O Scale West/S West shows.

Archive Cars

In a move OSW has discovered an archive of show cars, one of each for many of the preceding years, including as early as the 1991 show car. We have decided to sell them. Many of these cars are long out of production and have become hard to find. Those not sold before the show will be available at future OSW show. To order now see the ordering information above. The following cars are available with pricing not including S&H:

AtlasO Tidewater Southern
50 foot single door box car 2-rail RTR, "Cornucopia" herald, TS 506, $40

Red Caboose WP PFE reefer
2-rail RTR, Silver, lettered for Ice Service, WP MW 7025, $40,

Weaver Ultra Line PS-1 40 foot boxcar
Shake the box kit, lettered for Santa Fe XF Food Service, white door, ATSF 22682, 2-rail trucks, RTC (ready to complete),$40

Petersen Supply Atlas (Austrian Atlas) UP Stock Car
2-rail RTC, Yellow, UP 48126, 2-rail, $40

Red Caboose WP PFE reefer
2-rail RTR, 2-rail, PFE orange, PFE 55601, $40

AtlasO USRA dbuble sheathed box car
2-rail RTR, Southern Pacific "Sunset Route" large round herald on left side of door, SP 85594, $40

AtlasO USRA dbuble sheathed box car
2-rail, RTR, Southern Pacific "Shasta Route" on black background large round herald on left side of door, SP 88598, $40

AtlasO single sheathed 50 foot double door box car
2-rail RTR, Southern Pacific Automobile, SP 68673, $40

AtlasO ACF 70 Ton Covered Hopper Car
2-rail RTR, Southern Pacific Red Gothic Lettering, SP 400287, $40

Crown Model Products single sheathed 40 foot boxcar
2-rail RTR, Southern Pacific Black Overnight, SP 15953, $35

AtlasO USRA single sheathed box car
2-rail RTR, Southern Pacific, SP 26532, $40

Atlas (Austria) 53 foot gondola, custom decoreated for WP
Sorta RTR, includes OSW's 2-rail truck install kit which includes trucks and mounting hardware (the photo shows the car with trucks installed, the model for sale DOES NOT have the trucks installed), WP 6538, white lettering on black, $30,

Weaver double door steel side box car, metal wheelsets
2-rail RTR, UP two tone gray Express Service, UP9171, minor water damage to box, $40,

Intermountain PFE reefer
Kit, green PFE Express Refridgerator, PFE 912, $30

Intermountain boxcar
Kit, Southern Pacific two tone gray Express Service, SP 5708, $30
Because it was so difficult to print the doors separately from the sides and have the stripes align, Intermountain made just one run of these cars - that which O Scale West got. This makes this scheme relatively rare.

Red Caboose reefer
Kit, yellow sides red ends and roof, ROMA WINE on black background, CDLX 294, $40

To learn more about 2-rail O scale visit the O Scale Kings website.

Want to learn more about S scale? Visit the S SIG website.