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These web pages provide detailed information about the 2016 O Scale West meet. Below "O Scale West / S West 11" is abbreviated to "OSW".

As information about the meet becomes available it is added to these web pages, so take note of the date above when these pages were updated, and only spend time looking for new information if the pages have been updated since then.


Please CLICK HERE for a general description of OSW and the OSW meet activities, and for information on geting to the meet if you travel by air or by Amtrak.


This section is updated if previously published information has changed.


To pre-register for the 2016 OSW, you need to complete a registration form and mail it to OSW (address is on the form) along with payment for your registration. The advantage in pre-registering is that you and your party will have pre-printed name badges; pre-registration is required if you want to receive an advance copy of the layout visit maps.

You do not have to pre-register to enter the meet. You can register at the door.

Registration forms are available in a variety of ways.

  1. If you registered for either the 2014 OSW or the 2015 OSW, you will automatically receive the pre-meet registration form by mail.
  2. The registration form can be downloaded. Click here to download a copy of the registration form that you can fill in on while it is displayed on your computer screen, print, and mail to OSW (make a copy for your records). Note: the Adobe Acrobat program is required to view and print this file. The program is available free from Adobe; click here to download acrobat.
  3. Registration forms for O Scale West will be available at the Chicago March Meet.
  4. To obtain a hard copy newsletter and registration form please send an LSSAE to the O Scale West address on the Contact link below.

Pre-registration is not required. You can register as a walk up at the meet, see the "after December 31" section below on costs..

Tables sell out before the meet begins, so advance registration is required if you wish to rent one or more tables.

Pre-registrations are confirmed by email. That works only if you provide a valid (and legible!) e-mail address on your registration form. If you don't use email call Rod Miller (see the Contact link below) to verify your registration.

There is no organizational membership required to register and enter the meet.


If You Pre-Register prior to April 1, 2016

For registrations postmarked before April 1, 2016, the cost to enter the meet is $35. This is a one time fee and is good for all days of the meet, and includes you, your spouse, and children (yours or not) under 18. The cost per table for rental is $45. Tables require pre-registration as we sell out and may not have tables available for those who walk up and want to rent at table. There is no extra charge for electrical service, but we need to know in advance that you need electrical so that we can locate your table near an electrical outlet. You should bring an extension cord. You may have to run your cord across an aisle, in which case you should bring some duct tape to make it safe for foot traffic.

If You Pre-register AFTER March 31, 2016

For registrations postmarked April 1, 2016 and later, the cost to enter the meet is $40. This is a one time fee and is good for all days of the meet, and includes you, your spouse, and children (yours or not) under 18. The cost per table for rental is $50. Tables require pre-registration as we sell out and may not have tables available for those who walk up and want to rent at table. There is no extra charge for electrical service, but we need to know in advance that you need electrical so your table(s) will be assigned a location near an electrical outlet. You should bring an extension cord. You may have to run your cord across an aisle, in which case you should bring some duct tape to make it safe for foot traffic.

Saturday Only Rate

The price for those who walk up on Saturday to register is $25. This rate is offered only to those who walk up to register for the meet on Saturday. This rate is only for walk ups and is not offered to pre-registrants because of the work involved in processing pre-registrations.


The meet will be held in the well lit and carpeted ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara in Santa Clara, CA.

The Hyat Regency Santa Clara Hotel is located about five miles from the San Jose International Airport. There is ample free covered parking. If you come in by airplane or train and are not renting a car, you can get to the hotel via taxi or via the light rail line which stops outside the hotel. If you have a smart phone, ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft are very convenient.

The visiting layouts and contests will be in the ballroom. Clinics, because of a need for quieter surroundings, will be held in the hotel's meeting rooms.


OSW has obtained a special room rate of $125 plus tax per night; the rate is fixed for any occupancy 1 up to 4. You can register for lodging at the Hyatt by telephone or on-line. By telephone, call 888.421.1442, be sure to ask for the O Scale West rate. To register on-line, go to click here. The Hyatt Regency's telephone number for reservations is 800-233-1234. Be sure to ask for the O Scale West rate. The switchboard number is 408-200-1234.

Note: The number of rooms available at the special rate on nights other than Thursday the 5th through Saturday the 7th is limited. If you plan on staying in the hotel before and/or after those nights, you should verify that a room is available at the special rate so that you can plan your travel. OSW carefully estimates based upon past history how many rooms are needed for each night of the meet. It is possible that some nights might sold out, e.g., the number of rooms that OSW estimated for that night have been reserved; you may be offered a different rate just for that night if other nights are still available at the OSW rate. Register early is our advice.

Note: the $125 rate is available for a few dates before the 5th and after the 7th; the rate for rooms outside that date range may cost more than $125 per night. The Hyatt's on line site shows by color code which nights are available.

If you need alternative accommodations because the hotel is sold out, please contact Bob Plageman using the phone number provided below; we may be able to have more rooms be made available at the OSW rate.

Staying in the hotel is much more convenient, and helps to keep O Scale West's cost for the facility (which determines the prices charged for admission and the table rental cost) as low as can be.

A deposit of one night's lodging is required.

If you have any difficulties at all with your room reservation please call Bob Plageman at 650-349-1496 or Niel Chichizola at 650-591-4136.


If you are looking to share a room, O Scale West will help you make contact with someone else who also wishes to share. The two of you then work out the details on your own. All we ask is that you contact us after you have made arrangements to that we can remove your entry from the list below.

Here is how it works. Contact O Scale West using the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page. Please provide your arrival and departure dates, how you want to be contacted, and anything else you consider important, such as your smoking preferences, etc. This web page will be updated to add an entry for you. Potential room-mates should contact OSW who will get them in contact with you. After you have made arrangements, be sure to let us know so no more people are referred to you.


Activities on Thursday February 5 are:

Activities on Friday February 6 are:

Activities on Saturday February 7 are:


The 2016 meet car will be our remaining stock of a special run for the 2015 OSW of the MTH "55 Ton Gondola" which is an excellent model of the SP G-50-22 GS gondola. The car is lettered in the pre-1955 scheme in 14 different road numbers and will be equipped with 2-rail wheelsets. The under frame provides for mounting modeler-supplied KD couplers without modification.. Here is the MTH catalog page for their 55 ton gondola model lettered in the post-1955 scheme. Here is the MTH catalog page showing a different model with a lettering scheme that, except for the herald location, is like what will be on the meet cars.

The MTH gons in 3-rail versions may be available from Petersen Supply Co. either at their tables, if they are at the meet, or by order.

The S scale meet car is TBD at this time.

Sorry, we are sold out of all previous O scale meet cars.

For information on the previous years' meet cars click here and scroll down to the entries for 2010 and 2012.


Layout visits are the highlight of OSW for many attendees.

There will be over 30, the exact number varies from year to year, layouts open for visiting. Some HO and 3-rail layouts are included because the layouts are exceptional and the layout and owner are nationally known. Of course, with the inclusion of S scale, some layouts were S scale. However, the majority of layouts, are O scale.

There are private layouts and club layouts. Some layouts are local to Santa Clara, while some are several hours drive away.

Layouts are open for visiting immediately before, during, and after the meet. Some of them are several hour's drive from the meet location and are usually open Sunday. Advance information that lacks street addresses but is sufficient for planning your layout visiting will be posted to this web site usually in April.

We will not have hard copy (paper) layout maps packets. Instead to find layouts you will need a road nagivation GPS system. OSW will provide at the meet a sheet of paper that has the days, hours, location including street address, and contact information for the open layouts. The GPS will be particularily helpful at night. And of course, if you fly or take the train or bus to the meet, you will either need a car or have to find someone who can take riders (and you are then beholden to go where they want to go which may not match your interests); if you rent a car get one that includes a GPS system if you don't have a portable system, and if you have a portable system, be sure your rental car has a working plug in (cigarette lighter or USB port) so you can keep your system charged while you use it.


The clinics are held in hotel meeting room arranged in classroom style (rows of chairs, presenter and supporting media are in front. Each clinic is allocated an hour. There is a half hour gap between clinics, and we attempt to repeat each clinic so that if a conflict causes you to miss a clinic of interest, you will have a second chance to see it.

When it is finalized the clinics schedule will be available here for downloading.


Information about the contest can be viewed HERE . There is a limit on the number of entries in the contest. The maximun number of entries per category by one entrant is two entries except for the Display category where the limit is four entries.


The company store is located immediately to your right as you enter the ballroom. In addition to sales of the meet car and other meet-related items, the company store runs two popular activities.

White Elephant Table

Got one or two items you'd like to sell but don't want to rent a table? Use the white elephant tables! For a very modest fixed fee, you can put your item(s) on the white elephant tables in the company store for sale at a price you determine. If your items sell, the company store collects from the seller and pays you your price minus the table fee.

Silent Auction

An alternative to the white elephant tables is to put your item in the silent auction. People bid on items in the auction up to the specified auction close time, and the highest bidder wins. Bids are written on the bid sheet which is public. The action gets hot and heavy as the auction close time approaches; the Company Store provides plenty of warning via the PA system as auctions approach closing. A fee is deducted from the auction proceeds when they are given to the seller.


OSW uses projection equipment so that the videos are shown on a large theatre size screen.

Gary Schrader is your chairman for the video program. Gary assembles an interesting variety of model and prototype videos. The model videos ususally show interesting models, while the prototype videos are usually rare and unusual footage of prototype action.

At a recent OSW, after the planned program we showed a couple of home made videos that were shot from a train car mounted camcorder. They were very well received. So OSW has decided to encourage more home layout videos for Thursday night by encouraging you to bring you videos of layouts. Note: we need an advance copy of your video so we can verify it works in our projection setup. For more information about this activity please contact us using the information in the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.

In addition to the home layout videos, we welcome any videos (must be of interest to the attendees - trains, planes, and cars are always of interest) you want to bring and share. Your video must be on a DVD. OSW will provide a computer and a projector so the video can be viewed on a large screen. If you plan to show a video, for best results we should get it in advance so we can verify it is compatible with our equipment. Please use the Contact link below to contact us for details about sending your video to us.


Most sellers at O Scale West are occasional sellers. Occasional sellers do not need to collect and report California sales tax.

In general, one is an occasional seller if they are not in the model railroad business full time, and they do not sell at more than two train events in a calendar year. In other words, most of us who are merely revising our collection are occasional sellers.

Note: if you are in the model railroad business in another state, and only sell in California once a year at O Scale West, you are not an occasional seller.

The California Board of Equalization (BOE) requires OSW to collect a simple form (BOE 410-D) from you that attests to your sales tax status as a seller. You must identify yourself (mailing address or California driver's license number) and check one of three boxes, which are:

  1. You are exhibiting only (no sales tax issues)
  2. You are selling items not as an occasional seller (must have a California resale number, and must collect and report sales tax)
  3. You are an occasional seller (no sales tax issues)

OSW provides that form. You must complete it and give it to OSW in order to receive your registration packet.

If you have any questions please call Rod Miller. PLEASE do not wait until the last minute! If your activity is such that you need to collect sales taxes and you need to get a California resale number from the California BOE, that make take a few days if done by fax. Out of state sellers can obtain a temporary number in less than a day after they submit the paperwork.


Because we no longer have access to low cost printing facilities, in addition to dropping the hard copy layout map packets, OSW has also dropped the semi-annual newsletters that were mailed free of charge. Our plan is to provide the newsletters on line for download and reading, but we haven't gotten that completed.


If you attend the meet, you will receive a survey in your registration packet; please be sure to complete the survey and turn it in during the meet at the registration desk or mail it to us after the meet! The survey is the organizing committee's primary tool for getting your feedback, and for testing the waters when a major change is contemplated.

Wwe normally have a very nice prize, a brass car the last few years, that is awarded by random drawing to one of the surveys submitted. So complete that survey and get it to us.


Interested in learning more about 2-rail O scale? Please visit the O Scale Kings web pages.

These web pages were designed and implemented by Rod Miller.