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There is no organizational membership required to register and enter the show.

You do not have to pre-register to enter the show. You can register at the door.

The purchase of tables does not include your registration, e.g., if you purchase tables you must also purchase a registration.

Why Pre-Register

The advantage in pre-registering is that you and your party will have pre-printed name badges. Pre-registration is required if you want to receive an advance copy of the layout visit location information, and/or you want to rent one or more tables.

How to Register On-Line

The registration you purchase below includes admittance to all show events for you, your partner, and all others who are under the age of 18.

Please use the white box above the Add to Cart button to send additional information to us. Examples of additional information are:

The optional information will be used by OSW to develop metrics about its attendees - none of this information will identify you.

Purchase by clicking on the Add to Cart button after entering any information in the white box above the button. please see

Number of Tables
Purchase Tables

Note that if you select more than 1 table, say you select 2, and change your mind in checkout and want to purchase more tables, do not increase the quantity at checkout. If you selected two and increase the quantity in checkout to 2, you will now be buy 2 sets of 2 tables! To increase quantity, remove the tables from the checkout page, clik Continue Shopping, and select the new quantity of tables above.

O Scale West will contact you by email to confirm your purchase, and ask for any additional information that may be needed. If you purchase one or more tables, please read If You Purchase Tables below.

Thank you!

If You Purchase Tables

Be sure you also purchase a registration - table purchase does not include your registration.

California has strict sales tax laws, and O Scale West is subject to a fine if it does not comply. For O Scale West to comply, we have to collect a California form 410D, from you. To enforce this, you get your admittance badge when we get the form from you.

For an overview of the laws and the O Scale West process, click here for information about California sales tax rules. Most sellers are exempt from collecting taxes on sales.

To help your prepare in advance, you will receive about a week before the show a letter containing:

Please be sure you provide your mailing address in the white box above the Add to Cart button for purchasing tables.

This address is needed for the above described letter that will be mailed to you..

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